New music video for Wormtown

Music video for Wormtown by Loudboy From the full length album, The Late Heavy Bombardment

Director: Chiara Natalini, D.O.P: Valentina Ragozzino, Assistants: Angelo D’Elia, Tiziano Puritani

With: Cecilia Delle Fratte, Chiara Gistri

Good morning,

As some of you may or may not know, I have a new Loudboy album that came out this week. I wanted to share the liner notes with everyone because making an album takes a collective of people, working together with the hope of making something special. I believe we have achieved that while dealing with the challenges of working entirely remotely and I’m extremely grateful to have had such a great group of collaborators. That group includes:Ken Rich who played bass, engineered, mixed and produced the album. Jake Lummus, who also engineered. Marc Slutsky played drums and Arne Augustin played keys. Todd Horton and Chris Eminizer played horns. Michelle Mancini mastered the album and Laura Rutter Ireland worked on the artwork and design.Please read the document below for a much more detailed explanation into the background of the album and links to everyone involved. Enjoy and Rock On!!!

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