Hiding featuring Nena

Loudboy is featured on  Nena’s webpage!   There is even a sample of the song Hiding that they sing together AND you can listen to it here too.  Enjoy!

Loudboy featuring Nena´s webpage link


Guitarist John Andrews was hired to join NENA’s band in 2006. Under the pseudonym Loudboy, which was given to him by Page Hamilton of Helmet, John is now releasing his debut album as a singer and songwriter.

NENA’s unmistakable timbre is softly blowing through that gentle closing track „Hiding“ like in a lullaby.

For the recording of Loudboy John Andrews furthermore relied on the proven skills of NENA˚s production team with Derek von Krogh on bass & keyboards as well as NENA’s husband Philipp Palm on drums. 

The CD “Loudboy” will be released on 14 October and here is a snippet from their  duet “Hiding”. 

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