Loudboy is proud to announce the new music video for “Enemy” from the album UltraMK.

The new music video for the Loudboy song “Enemy” off the 2nd full length cd UltraMK.
Loudboy UltraMK on CDBaby
Loudboy UltraMK on iTunes
Executive producer: John Andrews
Director: Chiara Natalini
D.o.p and 1st camera operator: Claudio Lucca
2nd camera operator: Francesco Mastronardo
Editor: Chiara Natalini
St.Sebastian: John Andrews
White Ninja: Alessandro Rota
Black Ninja: Roberto Paglianti
Costumes design: Ornella Ferrari
Make up and SPX: Andrea Marmugi
Red tree realisation and design by: Alessandro Vanni
Set assistants: Federico Tuccori,Paolo Vanni, Sebastian Leo Lebigre
Storyboard artist: Maurizio Scabola
Special thanks to Patricia Gabus and Tuccori’s family for the locations and Lebigre&Roger family.

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