Hiding live video

Dear friend Sarah Fimm just launched this incredibly important webpage. John is a part of it and even more Sarah wanted them to do a live performance for Loudboy song “Hiding” that they recorded and filmed. Check it out as it is very worth it. The message and the video are all waiting for you.

3 thoughts on “Hiding live video

  1. This ‘incredibly improtant website’ that you say Mrs Fimm created concerning slavery is nothing more than a link to an all out Sarah Fimm promo splurge web page– with scant efernce to anyithing to do with slavery and importance — other than the self importance of some self serving musician.

    ( unless you made a mistake with your link– if not then id advise you to be more careful about who pitches you what in future Mr Andrews)

  2. sadly you ommited the previous comment, Even though hard hitting. Expect then all additonal comments you choose will be the loudYesmen . Wise up.

  3. Hello, Joe,

    sorry to get to you so late, we very busy, believe it or not.

    So to answer your comment: it wasnt a mistake, link is good. Well, we get your point, but because Sarah is real friend and we know her, we know how much loving and caring person she is. She actually really believes that she can change things by music and thats what she tries to do. To point out things she doesnt agree with, or things that people should pay more attention to. The web page is one of her ways how to do it – throught her music, by using her name, her popularity, relying on her fans and people around her that follow what she does and will spread the word. So if you dont agree with it or you dont believe it – ok, fair enough. But we do and that´s why we will always take part in what she does with pleasure.

    And we dont take your comment as loudNOmen because it has nothing to do with the music itself.

    Anways, thanks for paying attention at all.


    John and Monika

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