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Jazzthetik magazine Recording wise one could judge “Rabbit & Turtle Take The City” as being some kind of failure – if there wasn’t purpose lurking to actually provoke this judgement. The song is bumping like a mindless Blues over a lo-fi guitar-sound, slowly moving. Like dragging Tom Waits through a distortion box. But it isContinue reading “and more reviews…”


So the album is out, the shows happened and it is time for people to say their opinions: Rolling Stone magazine, Germany John Andrews guitarist in Botanica, Nena, and Peter Murphy, takes a plate with large-scale rock music between Wave and Beatles harmony. Dark ballads and vigorously pumping anthems, many guitars, but also good songs: AContinue reading “Reviews”

Loudboy merchandise

Fresh new and beautiful Loudboy merchandise is ready for shows next week. Dont miss it! 20 Octobre, thu       Aachen, Germany          @ Wild Rover (Hirschgraben 13) 21 Octobre, fri         Bochum, Germany         @ Matrix, supporting Peter Murphy 23 Octobre, sun       Munich,Continue reading “Loudboy merchandise”

New Tour Dates Announced!

Thur, Oct 20 – Aachen, Germany @ Wild Rover (Hirschgraben 13) Fri, Oct 21 – Bochum, Germany @ Matrix, supporting Peter Murphy Sun, Oct 23 – Munich, Germany @ Theaterfabrik, supporting Peter Murphy Mon, Oct 24 – Berlin, Germany @ Postbahnhof, supporting Peter Murphy Tue, Oct 25 – Hamburg, Germany @ Knust, supporting Peter Murphy